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Corporate Profile

The Fujikura Rubber Group is comprised of Fujikura Rubber Ltd and 14 subsidiaries. Our group works in concert to increase sales and expand the scope of our operations, while always maintaining a strong focus on the needs of our customers. We draw on our core strengths of Technological Development, Creativity, and Active Communication in order to offer our customers timely solutions and original products.

Capital Stock

3.84 Billion JPY

Number of Employees

1,611 (as of the end of March, 2015)

Sales Divisions

Industrial Goods, Control Equipment, Printing Materials, Electric & Electronic Materials, Rubber Coated Sheets, Sporting Goods

Business Activities

We are engaged in a wide range of business activities including the manufacture and sales of rubber components for industrial applications, pneumatic control equipment, vibration isolation systems, off-set printing blankets, sealing systems for electrical and electronic equipment, life-saving and rescue equipment, and carbon composite golf shafts.

Associated Companies

Group Companies

Fujikura Ltd.


Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.


Fujikura Parachute Co., Ltd.




※Caravan Co., Ltd.


※Touei Sangyo Ltd.
※Fujikura Composite America, Inc. (California, USA)


※Hangzhou Fujikura Rubber Ltd. (Hangzhou, China)


※Anji Fujikura Rubber Ltd. (Anji, China)
Opening early in 2012
※Touei Transportation Ltd
※Fujikura Composites Haiphong, Inc. (Haiphong, Vietnam)
※IER Fujikura, Inc.(Ohio, USA)


Fujikura Graphics, Inc. (New Jersey, USA)


Fuji Kakoujo Ltd.
R&R Fujikura Ltd.


Touei Service Ltd.
Toukou Kikai Seisakujo Ltd.
Fujikura Composites Europe B.V.(Amstelveen, Netherlands)

Fujikura Composites Korea,Co.,Ltd.(Geumcheon-gu, Seoul)