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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer a few of the questions we frequently receive.

About Our Company

Questions When was Fujikura Rubber established?
Answer Our company was founded in 1901 and incorporated on April 1, 1920. For more information about the history of our company, please visit our history page.
Questions Where can I find more information about Fujikura Rubber's affiliated companies?
Answer Links to our affiliated companies and subsidiaries can be found on our corporate profile page.

About Accounting and Financial Affairs

Questions What is your accounting period? (Last day of fiscal year?)
Answer The last day of our fiscal year is March 31st.
Questions I would like to see past financial statements. Is this possible?
Answer Previous financial statements can be seen here. At the current time, this information is available in Japanese only.
Questions Is it possible to review past securities reports?
Answer For past security reports, quarterly reports, or other documents required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, please check the EDINET site of the Financial Services Agency. Our company's EDINET code is E0109. This system is currently only in Japanese.
Questions How are public announcements made?
Answer Public announcements are made electroncially and can be seen in Japanese here. For specific inquiries regarding financial matters, please use our contact page.

About Stocks

Questions Where is your company listed?
Answer Fujikura Rubber Ltd is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Questions When was your company first listed on the TSE?
Answer May 16, 1949
Questions What is your company's security code?
Answer Fujikura Rubber Ltd's security code is 5121.
Questions What is the total number of issued shares?
Answer Of a total number of 90,000,000 authorized shares, a total of 23,446,209 have been issued.
Questions Where is your company's shareholder registry administrator?
Answer Our shareholder registry administrator is The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Bank Company, Limited.
Questions Who should I contact regarding various stock related procedures?

Please refer to the The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Bank Company, Ltd site (Japanese). For other information, please contact their Securities Agency at +86-120-78-203.

Questions When are dividends paid to stockholders?
Answer Dividends are paid on March 31st and September 30th.
Questions Please tell me the unit for stock transactions?
Answer The unit for transaction is 100 shares.
Questions When are stockholder meetings held?
Answer Meetings are held annually during the later half of June.

About Our Products

Questions I have a question about a specific product, who should I contact?
Answer You can contact the relevant division directly at the telephone numbers listed here, or use our contact page. We will reply to all inquiries as quickly as possible.

Other Questions

Questions I have question about something not mentioned here.
Answer Please use our contact page. We will reply to all questions and inquiries as quickly as possible.

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