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Life Saving & Industrials Systems

Our inflatable liferafts for ships and aircraft and our evacuation chutes (shooters) are deployed worldwide to save lives in the event of maritime accidents.

Our company utilizes the wide range of technologies accumulated since our founding in combination with advanced manufacturing techniques in order to produce and sell inflatable liferafts, evacuation chutes (shooters), life-vests, and rescue boats. Our inflatable liferafts meet the requirements of the International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) and have received the CE Mark of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Many customers both in Japan and abroad have chosen our liferafts due to this high level of reliability.
Life Saving & Industrials Systems  
In addition to liferafts, we produce a wide range of products for industrial applications. A few examples are flagrons for cutting off the flow of gas during work on pipes, granular material discharge units to ensure the smooth discharge of granular or powdered materials from holding tanks, glass joining bags used in producing laminated glass, and diaphragms used in the conservator tanks of transformers. We can also provide original designs and solutions to respond our customers' needs for increased efficiency, safety, and longer product life.

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