Electric & Electronic materials

Electrical power, telecommunications, and electronics are growing ever more important to our connected society. Electric power is the lifeblood that sustains daily life and economic activities. The expansion of broadband networks is creating a global nervous system that crosses existing borders. The electronics that form the brains of this system are always increasing in processing speed while growing smaller and more pervasive. Fujikura Composites provides highly reliable, quality products to key industries in these fields.

Electric & Electronic materials  
1.Electric Power
We manufacture functional rubber tapes and molded rubber products possessing insulation or conductive properties for electrical cables and equipment. We also develop and produce compounds with semi-conducting properties. For over half a century our products' quality and performance have been highly valued by the electrical power industry both in Japan and abroad.

We manufacture components used in the connection and branching of fiber optic and metal cables. We are constantly engaged in research and development of new products to support and protect the fiber optic communications network of the 21st century.

The miniaturization and weight reduction of personal computers, mobile phones, and other digital equipment is accelerating. Components are becoming smaller but at the same must have increased functionality. We produce components that satisfy these requirements.

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