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Rubber Coated Sheets

Fujikura Composites was the first in Japan to produce rubber coated fabric, a composite material combining rubber and textiles. Our current manufacturing technology can be traced back to the founding of our company.
Rubber Coated Sheets  
Our Rubber Coated Sheets Division manufactures and sells finished goods processed from rubberized fabric, finished products that are coated or dipped in resin, various types of coated films, laminated films, and silicone sheets. We also produce ultra thin sheets of 500 to 1000 microns in thickness, with widths from 500 to 1000mm, from silicone, fluoroelastomers, and flame resistant materials that are primarily used in the electric, electronic, and telecommunications fields.



We are particularly strong in the manufacture of thin sheets and adapting this technology to satisfy customers' requirements. For example, we can create sheets with a specific surface texture, laminate sheets of differing materials, and perform other advanced production techniques as needed.
We can accept orders for prototypes sheets starting from 10 meters and can handle custom orders of small lots of multiple products. Our sheet manufacturing methods include continuous production utilizing both calender and coating. This not only allows for tight control of thickness variation but also allows for the production of long sheets, making it possible to reduce costs. In addition to sheets consisting only of rubber, we specialize in combining rubber with various fabrics including glass cloth, aramid fabrics, synthetic fabrics, and plastic films to create composite sheets with multiple properties. We can also use customers' compounds.
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